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What is SMSC and why is it important?

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. Ofsted describes it as ‘…the training of good human beings, purposeful and wise, themselves with a vision of what it is to be human and the kind of society that makes that possible’. At Chestnut Grove Academy, we acknowledge the need to recognise, support and supplement students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT refers to the acquiring of beliefs, values and behaviours that relate to the emotional aspects of being a human, such as feelings and emotions.

MORAL DEVELOPMENT involves exploring, understanding and recognising shared values, as well as developing the ethical frameworks that underpin these values.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT involves learners having a political and socio-economic context which enables them to work effectively together and participate successfully in the community as a whole.

CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT generally refers to developing an understanding of one’s own culture and of other cultures locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and an understanding that cultures are not static.

This is achieved by embedding these core values and beliefs into all subjects, targeting specific issues in tutor time, and addressing international events of significance throughout the school year in assemblies and through projects.

A cross-curricular approach.

We deliver a cross curricular approach to the delivery of SMSC, including British Values. Most of the curriculum is delivered through the ‘Health’ and the ‘PBE’ curriculum, but there are also opportunities to promote SMSC in every other subject.