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Music Intent

The Chestnut Grove Music curriculum enables students to develop their creativity and analytical skills through the exploration of different musical styles, traditions, performers and composers.

Throughout KS3 students are taught Music for one hour each week. Lessons focus on three main strands of learning; Performing, Composing and Appraising. Students learn about different musical genres and traditions as well as developing their vocal and instrumental skills. Music Technology skills are further developed in our dedicated MAC suite. We also encourage all students to learn the basics of reading musical notation and traditional aural skills. This work is further supplemented by our extensive Extra Curricular programme
GCSE Music lessons introduce students continues from KS3 developing their abilities in performing, composing and appraising. Students explore the fundamental building blocks of music through studying two set works alongside examples from a variety of musical styles and learn to analyse and evaluate these. They will also study composition and performance skills and will be expected to practise regularly for your performance.
A Level Music further builds on the skills developed in GCSE. The course allows students major in either performance or composition depending on their interest.
Creativity is considered a high order skill and Music encourages students to be creative and in class through composing, appraising, and performing. The Arts are a vital part of the curriculum and skills learned and honed in Music lessons will support students in all other areas of study, as well as being fun.

We offer Peripatetic lessons in Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Guitar, Drums and Voice..

We hold large scale Concerts each year in addition to Informal Recitals, external gigs, and the school Musical which encourage participants of all ages (as well as help from the parents where we can!)

Studying the Performing Arts develops transferable skills in teamwork, problem solving, resilience & leadership. Music works very closely with Drama and Dance as part of the Performing Arts Faculty at Chestnut Grove Academy. 

Curriculum on offer

  1. KS3 – Reading Music, Interhouse competition & Winter concert performance, Keyboard Skills, Rap Music, Reggae, Podcasts, Advert Music, Game Music, Classical Remix, Music for Film, Musicals, Elements of Music
  2. 4 – GCSE Music – Eduqas syllabus
  3. 5 – A Level Music – Eduqas syllabus 

The Performing Arts Team work tirelessly organizing performances both within school and in the local community. We have taken part in National and International tours and competitions and pride ourselves on provision of excellence in performance; whether that’s at the Royal Festival Hall or at a local Primary Summer Fayre.

The skills developed during rehearsal and performances include self discipline, tact, leadership skills and communication; in addition to strengthening the school ethos and bringing students of all ages together.