Chestnut Grove Academy
45 Chestnut Grove
Balham, London SW12 8JZ

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Chestnut Grove Academy is a rights-respecting school. Our PROUD values are underpinned by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This means that we are committed to teaching our students about rights through rights-respecting language and practices. We also encourage all our students to be ambassadors: acting as advocates for the rights of others. Our resources are award-winning: in 2016, the school was awarded the Accord Inclusivity Award as well as the Educate and Celebrate LGBT+ Gold Best Practice status award. In particular, the school was praised for tackling controversial and sensitive issues head-on as well as their commitment to human rights, fundamental British values and Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Development (SMSC). We have also been awarded the Gold Equalities Award and the UNICEF Silver Award and are currently working towards the Carnegie Anti-Racism Award. We are far from perfect but working towards these awards ensures that equality and human rights are always a top priority.



Human rights are mapped across all the curricula of the school and students are taught the many rights of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. For example, in Health, students focus on one particular right in every lesson, such as the right to health, life or education. All of our subjects address Article 2 - the right to non-discrimination – by considering how different groups are represented in the curriculum. Our commitment to addressing race, gender, disability and LGBT+ issues is mapped in our Equalities and Human Rights Map. Full details of how human rights and equality are address in the curriculum can be found in our Curriculum Guides.



Being a rights-respecting school also means ensuring that our policies and practices are underpinned by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our school charter was written by students and we expect all students and staff to follow it. The school also uses restorative justice and resolution to deal with behaviour issues that arise, and students are taught from Year 7 how to do this effectively.



Students are all encouraged to take part in charity work and learn about the many ways in which they can help those who cannot access their rights. Students who wish to can join our Equality and Human Rights Club. We meet weekly and work on a range of campaigns each term. Students also feedback on areas of concern and, alongside the School Council, work with the student body to ensure their voices are heard. For further details please email Ms Taylor-Campbell: