Chestnut Grove Academy
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Balham, London SW12 8JZ

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Winner of the Accord Inclusivity Award 2016

In 2016, Chestnut Grove was awarded the national Accord Inclusivity Award for our achievements in Health and in creating an inclusive curriculum. In particular, the judges commented on:

  • The provision of an RE (PBE) curriculum that covered a range of religious beliefs and humanism, and which simultaneously dealt with many controversial issues, such as around sexual diversity, homophobia and gender
  • Thorough PSHE (Health) and its focus on safe guarding issues such as sexual bullying, female genital mutilation and gang violence
  • The complementary interplay between its PSHE and RW provision, and use of topical events to consider matters such as far-right and Islamic extremism, islamaphobia, stereotyping, and bias in the media
  • Assemblies that drew upon a range of sources, including 'British Values' and the Equality Act
  • The creation of a LGBT society and environment where pupils and staff feel they can be open about their sexuality

Chair of the judging panel and the Accord Coalition for Inclusive Education, which sponsors the Award, Rabbi Dr Johnathan Romain MBE, said 'Some schools shy away from controversial issues or trends, out of a misplaced sense of not trying to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people. Chestnut Grove Academy shows that schools can explore such topics in ways that are challenging and thoughtful. This is vital if society wishes to ensure students are open minded, inquisitive and informed about issues and debates that may directly affect their lives, and those of others. Chestnut Grove provides up-to-date abd exemplary curriculum for preparing pupils for citizenship and adult life in our increasingly diverse society. The panel is delighted to award it first place.'    

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Educate and Celebrate Best Practice School

In 2016, Chestnut Grove was also awarded 'Best Practice' status from the national charity Educate and Celebrate for our achievements in creating an inclusive, LGBT+ friendly school. Students and staff have the right to live free from discrimination, no matter what their sexuality or gender identity. Students worked tirelessly to promote LGBT+ rights at the school and, this year, have represented Chestnut Grove at a national bake-off competition and spoken at the Educate and Celebrate showcase.

UNICEF Rights Respecting School

The Rights Respecting Schools Award is a UNICEF UK programme that aims to put children's rights at the heart of schools in the UK. They work with thousands of schools across the country to embed children's rights in their ethos and culture to imporve well-being and develop every child's talents and abilities to their full potential. Chestnut Grove is currently working towards their Level 1 accreditation which recognises the efforts made by the school in promoting rights for all.

Wandsworth Young Person of the Year 2016

Young Person of the Year 2016 Article

Our student Mia Burgess, 18, picked up a trophy, certificate and a cheque for £500 after being recognised during a celebration of remarkable young people at Wandsworth's Civic Suite. Mia has worked with the charity Educate and Celebrate and is a Stonewall representative for the school. She is also a pastoral mentor and has made a film about gender identity which was used in our PSHE lessons.

Mia said: "I am so humbled and overhelmed to win such an outstanding award and very proud to be sitting among some inspiring, talented, intelligent young people. I hope to continue to inspire children to be comfortable in their own skin."

Mia has now gone to university but her outstanding achievements continue to inspire students within the school.

Shortlisted for the DfE Character Awards 2016

The Character Awards seek to identify, recognise and celebrate all those who are leading the way in character education to ensure pupiils leave school ready for life in modern Britain. Character education can be found within a school's ethos, in the classroom and on the playground, as well as on the sports field and in local community programmes. Through these awards, the government aims to celebrate excellence and recognise the projects, teams and individuals who are nurturing and developing character traits in children and young people alongside academic rigour.  The year, Chestnut Grove was one of several schools in the country shortlisted. Upon visiting the school, the judge wrote, 'The Assessing team have been honoured to visit so many excellent projects and to witness such inspirational work. It is clear from your entry that you view Character Education as key to your work and this approach is extremely encouraging. It has been a great privilage to learn more about your work and we are extremely grateful that you chose to submit an entry this year.'