Chestnut Grove Academy
45 Chestnut Grove
Balham, London SW12 8JZ

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Students are expected to attend the Academy every day and the minimum expectation is that each student should achieve 95% attendance. If for any reason a student is absent then Parents/Carers are requested to phone the Attendance Officer (020 8772 2549) on the first day of absence and, if the absence is for more than one day, either phone again or send a note in when the student returns to school. A doctor's note is required after three days absence for medical reasons. If attendance is below 90%, parents will receive a text informing them that this is not an acceptable level of attendance. If attendance is below 90% a student is considered to be persistently absent from the Academy. After intervention, if this does not improve then Parents will be subject to fixed penalty fines.

 Morning registration starts at 8.45am. Students arriving after 8.45will not be admitted to class and will be marked late by the Attendance Officer. Parents will then receive a test informing them that the student has a same day detention to make up the number of minutes late. Students who are late and have a note from their Parents or Carers explaining the lateness should report directly to the Attendance Officer before going to class. Students who arrive after 10am with no parental explanation are considered as absent and are entered so on the Academy roll.

Educational Welfare Officer

The Educational Welfare Officer, Stephanie Allen, works closely with the Raising Standards Leaders and tutors at Chestnut Grove Academy. At regular meetings, problems about attendance, behaviour, family problems and any other matters regarding the welfare and behaviour of individual pupils are discussed and referrals made for home visits. The Educational Welfare Officer regularly checks the registers for broken attendance and poor punctuality and follows up with support to help to teengage students. Referrals are via RSLs and/or the student and Student Support