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Math Intent

The Mathematics curriculum gives us the opportunity to discover the satisfaction of being fluent in maths and understanding its purpose in different contexts.


Students study the four main areas of mathematics:  Number, Algebra, Data Handing and Shape, Space and Measures. Each half term all students are assessed and sets are reviewed regularly so that appropriate changes can be made.

In Key Stage 3 students have 4 hours of mathematics a week. In Year 7, students are taught in tutor groups for the first two weeks, after which they do a ‘setting test’ which, combined with the KS2 N.C. level and teacher recommendations, is used to place them in appropriate sets. As we prepare for the new curriculum, students in KS3 will now be studying a 5 year curriculum, preparing them for the more rigorous GCSEs that they will face in Year 11.

In Key Stage 4 all students have 4 hours of mathematics a week.  The focus in Maths is to enable all students to make as much progress as they possibly can, and results are excellent. In 2014, 81% made at least 3 levels progress from Year 7 to Year 11 – which is above the national average.

In Key Stage 5 the Maths Department offers both A Level Maths and Further Maths in Year 12 and Year 13. Students study Maths for 5 hours a week. In addition, in Year 12, GCSE re-sit classes are offered; it is our aim that all students leave Chestnut Grove with at least a grade C in Maths by the end of Year 13. From 2015 we will be offering Core Maths to students in year 12. This is aimed at students who achieve a B at GCSE and want to take it further, but feel that full A Level Maths would not be possible

Maths beyond the Curriculum

People who go onto study Maths at A-Level can have successful careers in the following:

Accounting and Finance, Banking, Actuarial career, Academia, Engineering, Teaching, and many many more careers.