Chestnut Grove Academy
45 Chestnut Grove
Balham, London SW12 8JZ

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PE Intent

The PE curriculum instils in us an intrinsic desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle and sustain it throughout our lives.

Curriculum on offer


We aim to develop skills and techniques which enable students to apply them in different activities. They start to make decisions about their performance and take on different roles such as leader, official and coach. Information technology is now an important aspect of planning, performing and evaluating and students are able to observe themselves via Smart software in order to receive instant feedback.


Students have one hour lesson per week. We give students the opportunity to develop greater consistency in the selection and application of skills, students will appreciate the value and enjoyment of exercise and activity. Therefore creating a greater knowledge of activities and exercise and how they help to develop fitness, health and well being. 


This course leads to a GCSE examination in Physical Education. 
50% of the course is practical and students experience a variety of sports, performing in different roles which they are assessed in by their class teacher. 10% of the course is a written coursework assessment.  40% of the course comprises of the application of theory at the end of year 11, they sit a written exam paper of 1.5 hours.



Looks in great depth at many facets of sports performance and its overall implications. This is a practical work-related course; you have to complete assignments that are based on workplace situations instead of exams. The Subsidiary Diploma is equivalent to one A Level and teh Diploma is equivalent to two A Levels.