Chestnut Grove Academy
45 Chestnut Grove
Balham, London SW12 8JZ
T: 020 8673 8737

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Admissions Overview 

210 places available in Year 7

30 specialist places for Art and 30 for MFL: based on aptitude, not distance.  Specialists tests take place in September.

Remaining 150:  divided between 5 ability bands – 20% of each based on the Wandsworth Test

In each band priority is given to:

  1. Children Looked After
  2. Social and Medical needs (with supporting professional evidence)
  3. Siblings
  4. Children of staff who have worked at the school for two years or have been appointed to a hard to fill vacancy.
  5. Distance

Children with an EHCP naming Chestnut Grove Academy will be given a place providing we can meet the required needs.

Published admissions number for September 2024:  210 pupils

Chestnut Grove Academy has agreed to an over allocation of places to 220 up until 3rd September 2024.  Following this the academy will revert to the PAN of 210

Our full Admissions Policy is available here: 

Admissions Policy