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Design and Technology Intent

The Design and Technology curriculum develops our design and making skills, combining traditional methods and modern manufacturing techniques in a range of material areas. DT challenges and encourages us to work both independently and collaboratively in order to develop our  problem solving and creativity.

Why study D & T?

D & T at Chestnut Grove Academy is taught in a way that nurtures young thinkers and inspires them to be the designers for the next generation.

Students are challenged in ways that encourage them to work independently; designing, problem solving and creating.  We deliver strong and diverse projects that cater for students of all capabilities and that encourage them to look at the world and investigate how they can use design to improve it.

Key Stage 3

D&T at Key Stage 3 focuses on developing students’ design and manufacturing skills. 

Key Stage 4

Students work independently and are guided by their teacher through mini-projects ending in a final Controlled Assessment in Year 11.  All Key Stage 4 students currently follow the AQA GCSE Product Design course.


London is rich in terms of design, architecture and art.  As part of their studies, students visit many places such as The Design Museum and the V&A allowing them to see how design shapes our everyday lives.  In addition, we have a variety of designers who will come in to run workshops which allow students to engage with real life briefs.  Our D&T club also runs every Tuesday which all students are welcome to attend.

What can you do to support ypur child to succeed in DT?

  • Visit exhibitions and galleries which would keep your child informed of current and past design movements, designers, architects and illustrators.
  • Encourage your child to complete additional research. Websites on the links below are great for building independent learning skills.
  • Encourage your child to do his/her D&T homework. In Key Stage 3 students will receive homework once every two weeks and once a week in Key Stage 4. These homeworks are often theory based and backup the practical element of D & T we complete in lesson times.