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It has been 6 years now that we have been trying to add to the facilities and enrichment here at Chestnut Grove Academy by sourcing external funds and fundraising with our wonderful PTA - The Friends of Chestnut Grove. The support of parents and the local community has been unparalleled and this has been especially seen over this last, lockdown year!

At the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020, The Friends of Chestnut Grove launched a compaign for our students who had no access to online learning because of lack of IT. They managed to get over 30 laptops donated by the community and raised £4,000 in a campaign to purchase a further 16 that were needed. These were cleaned and loaded with software by the school's IT department and delivered by a team of teachers on pushbikes!

We also launched a crowdfunding campaign outlining how we were looking to raise funds to ensure that our children do not experience hunger, sanitary poverty, or are left without access to our remote curriculum - this raised over £15,000 and alongside other donations from grants, companies and individuals gave us significant funds to help our families with. We set up a small grants scheme and quickly started identifying and supporting any families that we could. The results could be seen here:

Following the new announcment of the 4th January, we realised that the same thing needed to happen again. This time the Friends sprung into action again and the response was even greater than the first lockdown. It was really a case of those that can, helping those that were struggling within the school community. A huge emphasis was placed on ensuring that students had access to IT, and also that the appropriate support was put into place for everyone. Once again, a huge sum of money was raised and over 320 laptops bought or received and distributed out. Up to February 2021, we had already achieved the following:

Our support can continue until at least Easter and we are immensely PROUD of our achievement to date with this campaign, grateful for such strong and consistent support and appreciative of our students for working through this very difficult year.

We look forward to everything 'returning to normal' but we will continue to support our students and families in every way that we can. We will also be able to finish our work 'greening' the school and start working on our next projects....


How you can get involved?

Business and companies can also provide sponsorship and support and reach large audiences through our school community.
Please contact Sharon Noble, Development Manager on

Donate to Friends of Chestnut Grove on their Virgin Giving Page - we work closely together to raise funds together and agree spending. By donating on this page you can also claim gift aid worth an additional 20% at no cost to you (if you are a UK taxpayer).

Support our Friends of Chestnut Grove events and activities - their website here. Click here to be included on their mailing list to hear about upcoming events and activities.

Do you work for a company that could donate time, goods or funding? Do they match funding?

How Can You Help?

By getting involved with the Friends of Chestnut Grove

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