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History Intent

The History curriculum gives us the knowledge which empowers us to confidently question and explain the past, challenging our thinking about the world today.

History is a relevant subject, recognised by the Government as integral to the English Baccalaureate and recognised by Chestnut Grove Academy as a means of stimulating, engaging and intellectually-provoking our students. Our History curriculum strives to challenge our students on social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues through our diverse and inclusive teaching strategies and our excellent teachers.

Students use a variety of skills to investigate this range of topics, such as analysing different source materials, using empathy to understand different societies and engaging with other students by developing role-plays. Students develop literacy, knowledge and comprehension skills by producing various written pieces throughout the key stages.  They also have the opportunity to express themselves in more visual and creative methods, such as producing presentations and visual storyboards, for example documenting an argument between Saladin and Richard the Lion-heart or producing David Low-style cartoons in order to investigate the role of political cartoons. Students are always challenged and continually required to test their ideas in a stimulating and safe environment.

The CGA History curriculum challenges the certainty and assumptions we have in today’s society, building resilience in dealing with uncertainty, encouraging young people to open their minds, think critically and be empowered with knowledge.


Our Curriculum:

Programme of study Year 7

  • The Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest
  • Challenging the Crown: Who held the power in the medieval ages
  • The Black Death
  • The Crusades
  • The English Reformation and the Tudor family
  • Stuart Britain

Programme of study Year 8

  • The Transatlantic slave trade
  • The British Empire: a force for good?
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The First World War
  • The Second World War
  • Anti-Semitism in History and The Holocaust

Programme of study Year 9

  • Civil Rights in America
  • Russia: from Tsar to Stalin
  • The Rwandan Genocide
  • Britain since 1945 : Who are the British today?
  • Prehistoric Britain : the Palaeolithic to the Romans
  • Local History Project

Programme of study Year 10

  • Anglo Saxon and Norman England
  • Superpower Relations and the Cold War
  • Crime and Punishment through time, C1000-present

Programme of study Year 11

  • Crime and Punishment through time, C1000-present
  • Whitechapel: case study on Historic Environments
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39

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