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Message from Mr Taylor, Deputy Headteacher

To all prospective students hoping to join Chestnut Grove Academy's Sixth Form from September 2020.
On this page, you will find the transition work and recommended research/reading for your sixth form subjects.  It is an expectation that you complete the work for the three or four subjects for which you have been offered a place within Chestnut Grove Sixth Form. 

Once you have completed the required tasks, subject reading lists have been provided to keep you engaged over the summer and to deepen your understanding of the subject.  You are strongly encouraged to engage with this to broaden your understanding and to think critically about the subject in its broadest sense.

Post-16 study requires you to go beyond the syllabus and to go beyond what you learn in the classroom.  This ‘super-curricular’ reading will strengthen you as a student and will bring on your independence.  As academic independence comes at a premium, this is a good time to begin the process of becoming a sixth former by taking responsibility for your own learning.

Please do not contact the sixth form team regarding subject choice changes now – we will make any changes, if possible, after your GCSE results are published on Thursday 20th August. 

Completing this transition work will evidence your commitment to your sixth form studies and may ultimately help you decide whether the subjects you have chosen are the right ones for you.  If you decide the subject is not right for you, you may still be able to change once you have your results, but this will be driven by variables such as grades, course availability and course popularity. 

If you have any queries regarding transition work, please contact the subject leader of the relevant subject or course.  If you have any queries regarding the sixth form more generally, please use

Good luck with your results and we all look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Mr Taylor
Deputy Headteacher
Director of Sixth Form

A Level Art

Mr J Wildman


Visual Art Transition Work
A Level Biology Mr A Gordon

Biology Booklet
Cell Division and Reproduction
Maths for Biology
Biology Transition Pack
Nettlecoombe Summer Assignment

A Level Chemistry Mr A Gordon

Amount of Substance
Chemistry Booklet
Chemical Equilibria
Chemistry Transition Pack
Chemistry - Transition Metals
Year 12 into 13 Chemistry Summer Work

A Level DT Mr J Wildman


Reading List
Syllabus and Assessment
DT Task
A Level Economics Ms F Lee Reading List
Economics Work
A Level English

Ms C Robinson

English Handbook
Making the Leap Resources
Making the Leap Activities
Reading List
English Tasks
A Level Film Ms C Robinson Film Handbook
Film Tasks
A Level French Ms H Holding French Tasks and Reading Lists
A Level Geography Ms R Robinson Course Guide and Reading List
Geography Booklet
Progression Geography
The Curious Geographer
A Level History Ms L Adams History Specification
History Work
A Level Government and Politics Ms L Adams Government and Politics Course Overview
Government and Politics Work

A Level Maths & Further Maths

The transition work provided is compulsory as it covers 4 chapters in the Year 1 A-level curriculum. You will be assessed on these chapters as soon as the course starts.

Mr M Green

Ms E Kumi

Maths Tasks
Reading List
Which Maths Course is for me?
A Level Media Ms C Robinson Media Course Guide
Media Work
Coursework Guide
A Level PBE Ms L Vanstone Essay Skills and Assessment
PBE Specification
PBE Tasks
A Level Physics Mr A Gordon Prior Knowledge
Physics Booklet
Practical Skills
Physics Essential Maths Skills
A Level Psychology Ms L Vanstone Psychology Specification
Psychology Tasks 
A Level Sociology Ms L Adams Sociology Specification
Sociology Tasks
A Level Spanish Ms H Holding Spanish Tasks and Reading List
AS Core Maths Mr M Green Reading List
Core Maths Tasks
Which Maths Course is for me?
BTEC Level 3 Applied Science Mr A Gordon Applied Science Specification
Transition Pack
Vocational Courses
BTEC Level 3 Business Mr E Solate Business Specification
Business Tasks
BTEC Level 3 Computing Mr E Solate Computing Tasks
Computing Syllabus
Reading List
BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care Mr J Tobin Health and Social Care Tasks
BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts Mr J Wildman Performing Arts Tasks
Performing Arts Specification
BTEC Level 3 Sport

Mr J Tobin

Sport Bridging Unit

Mr J Taylor

EPQ Specification
Assessment Record
How to complete Production Log
Purpose of Production Log