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DAY 4 - Thursday 30th March

On Thursday morning, we went to the Eiffel Tower! We all climbed up to the first floor and some brave students even went up to the second floor! There the students were able to enjoy the view over Paris while having lunch.
In the afternoon, we went on a boat trip on the Seine river where we saw many of Paris famous landmarks and monuments.
On the way back to the center we even saw a big statue of Yayoi Kusama!
Back at the centre, the students had a nice dinner which included…. A snail! All staff were very impressed with their open-mindedness when trying snails. As Drini said: "It’s good to try new things!"

The evening finished with a big disco during which the group enjoyed dancing together.  We are now on our way back and should arrive around 8pm at CGA. A bientôt Paris! 

DAY 3 - Wednesday 29th March

Today we spent the day in Disneyland. The students were able to enjoy a whole day of rides, fun, sweets and more Disney magic. The day ended with the Disney parade during which students saw their favourite Disney characters! Back at the centre they made their own French crepes! Here are some quotes from our students:
"I really liked making our own batter for the crepes and then eating them with the toppings" Quinn
"The hyperspace mountain ride was amazing" Arthur
"The second best ride was the Indiana Jones ride with a brilliant loop the loop" Terry
"The Marvel ride was amazing and went at 55mph' Jayden
"I liked pirates of the caribbean ride" Drini
"The tower of terror was the best ride" Elijah

DAY 2 - Tuesday 28th March

Today we spent the morning in Brie Comte Robert market, where students did a trail and spent a bit of time shopping.
In the afternoon, we went to Montmartre and Sacré Cœur cathedral. In the evening, they sang and roasted some marshamallows around the campfire. Here are a few words from the students:

"I enjoyed the architecture at Montmartre" Haruki
"Good vibe around the campfire!" Noah
"Very good views around Paris from the Sacré Cœur!" Sufi
"Shopping was exciting and architecture was exquisite!"
"I felt like I was embraced to a new culture around the sacré cœur!" Markel
"I liked having my own freedom." Quinn
"I liked the market and being able to explore" Bola
"I liked going into a shop and trying to persuade my friends to buy matching bracelets." Martina
"I was confident speaking French at the market and managed to negotiate a 10€ discount… in French!" Draco 

DAY 1 - Monday 27th March

Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! After a short trip to Dover we were able to stretch our legs and enjoy the fresh air on the ferry. We arrived at the Chateau de Grande Romaine centre in the late afternoon. After having dinner (typical French cordon-bleu- miam!) we did a big quizz! Here are what some of the students had to say about their day: 
“When we got to our hotel and starting playing it was really fun. I’m really excited for the rest of the days in Paris!” - Diyon
“On the coach it was really fun because we took funny pictures. When we got to the hotel me and my friends were doing each other hair. I enjoyed today!” 
“We played football which was really fun and ate delicious food” - Harvey