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Year 7 Science KS3 Assessments and Revision Resources

Year 7 Autumn Term Topics: "Cellular Basis of Life", "Health and Disease" and "Science Skills" 

Year 7 Spring Term Topics : "Substances and Properties" and "Particles and Structure"

Year 7 Summer Term Topics: "Forces and Motion" and "Earth in Space"

The revision checklist explains what topics have been taught and what till be tested.

The best revision resource available is the Key Stage 3 Revision Guide which is available from the technicians within school. It is available in school for £3 or it can be paid for using Parent Pay. Once paid for using Parent Pay the guide it can be collected from the technicians' office.

If you have any questions regarding the revision guide you can email our technician at

If you do not yet have the revision guide, you can also use the links below to help with your revision.

Science Autumn Term Resources:

Year 7 Autumn Revision List

Year 7 Autumn Assessment Revision Activities

Year 7 Science Autumn Revision Booklet

Science Spring/Summer Term Resources:

Year 7 Summer Revision List

Year 7 Summer Assessment Revision Activities

Year 7 Science Summer Revision Booklet